In France, this squashed potato goulash gets the extravagant name of Hachis Parmentier. It’s a snappy and simple supper to get ready, yet still ordinarily French. Furthermore, since it’s French, it accompanies a great story that you can engage your family with during supper.

Presenting Monsieur Parmentier

Antoine Parmentier was a Frenchman that lived during the eighteenth and mid nineteenth century. A drug specialist via preparing, he spent numerous years serving in the Seven Year War, and was detained in Germany. It was during this detainment that he found the nourishing ethics of the potato. (The tuber had recently been brought to Europe from South America, yet had gone through a few hundred years grieving in the vegetable nursery, despised by individuals and even restricted by the public authority.) When he got back from the war, it was to a country that was starving.

It was Parmentier who found in the modest potato the answer for France’s yearning issues. Through a long and virtuoso promoting effort, Parmentier without any help changed the French people groups’ thoughts regarding the potato, transforming it into a huge food hotspot for the destitute populace. Parmentier sought the French lord, Louis XVI, in his endeavors and even got the spouse of the ruler, Marie Antoinette, to wear potato blossoms in her hair. Parmentier was a splendid researcher who consumed his time on earth attempting to improve the food nature of his country and it is most suitable that his name is inseparable from potatoes in French cooking.

Onto the Mashed Potato Casserole Recipe

For this formula I suggest you utilize moment pureed potatoes, since that is the thing that makes pounded potato dish so speedy and simple to plan. Do utilize a great moment pounded potato in any case – all it ought to have in it is potatoes. Peruse your marks.